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Beyond the Sun


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Check out Decoymusic.com  favorite songs of all-time, Beyond the Sun by 3AE is number 103 on the list.

Who sang Beyond the Sun first?  Brent Smith answers the question in an interview with WJRR DJ Buckethead.  To hear that interview click here and  hear the answer in his own words

Response from a post by "What the" to a question on the Shinedown web forum  "was this song written for someone imparticularIt's a beautiful song." 

THE DEAD ROCK STARS CLUB    This site is a list of deceased rock stars, people associated with rock music, and people whose music helped influence and create rock and sorted by the date of their demise.  See Chris Rice 6 September 2002 - Beyond the Sun.

Check silhouettes' comments about who wrote and sang it first.